Exploring Psychology?


Edie Goldbacher is a clinical health psychology professor at La Salle University and could be the newest addition to the Exploring Nutrition program. Goldbacher has always been interested in treating obesity and has even come up with a treatment for “emotional eaters.” She first came to La Salle four years ago and currently runs a clinic with students in the doctoral program called Healthy Eating Healthy Weight Clinic.

The clinic Goldbacher runs is for people struggling with eating disorders and those who are struggling with obesity. This clinic includes weekly weigh-ins, nutrition education and physical activities. It provides low cost sliding scale services and caters to individual needs of those local community members with eating and weight difficulties.The treatments usually last up to 12 weeks for groups and they have a 20 week flexible manual for individual cases. These clinics are run by students in the doctoral program, but there is a professional clinician supervising them.

The Healthy Eating Healthy Weight Clinic does need a little help to get the word out. Goldbacher said that most people in the community hear about it by word of mouth and through other community members good experiences at the clinic. When asked if Goldbacher has heard of the Exploring Nutrition Program and La Salle she said that she has and would be interested in connecting her own clinical program with the Exploring Nutrition Program.