College Students Can Eat Healthy?


Professor Henstenberg

visited La Salle journalism class to discuss healthy eating.


As we know most of the time college students are either doing work for class, eating food, or out somewhere partying. One thing a college student may take forgranted is eating healthy and maintaining a good nutritious diet. La Salle Professor Jule Ann Henstenberg wants to make sure not only students, but everyone in the surrounding La Salle neighborhood can maintain a healthy diet. Professor Henstenberg is the Director of the Nutrition Program here at La Salle University and says she has been learning about nutrition for 35 plus years.

What did Professor Henstenberg have to say about the current area surrounding La Salle regarding its health and nutrition? Henstenberg said that before Fresh Grocer opened, the selection of nutritious food was rare and the area could be described as a food desert. The La Salle Professor did hint that this problem has not yet been fixed, but she would like to work toward making this a better neighborhood for food selection. The best way to put it is how Henstenberg said: “Part of my goal here is to make access easier.” This is exactly the goal she is working to in this area and hopes to one day accomplish this.



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