Food Around Town

Today I visited four different food options that people of North Philadelphia have to choose from and found some very interesting results. I set out on my journey with my Iphone 5, that has an eight mega pixel camera, with no idea of what to expect. My first idea is to look at one of the local corner grocery stores that I always pass and wonder if this is where many locals shop for their families,grocery store that I stopped at was a local corner deli store as pictured below.


This deli was not very pleasing to the eye and the inside was not somewhere that would fulfill the nutritious needs of a family. There were a lot of fried food options and not too many healthier options. This made me want to see just what other options there were for food around North Philadelphia. The next thing I ran into was a New China pictured below that was a little bit more healthy, but was still just fast food and would not be the nutrition a family would need.



Along with the Chinese food, there were all kinds of snacks and cigarettes and all kinds of things kids were lining up to buy right after they got out of school. The next place I came across as I drove up Broad St. was a McDonalds that I did not even know existed. McDonalds does have some healthy options, but once again not something that can help with nutrition.




The last food option I looked into was a local food truck parked right outside on Olney Avenue. It has all kinds of deep fried food and cheesesteaks and everything you could imagine, but not too many healthy options besides a few things of fruit or a salad. 



The service at the lunch truck was good, but the nutrition here and all around North Philadelphia was lacking. I know I only looked into 4 places, but all of these places seemed to lack in nutrition. I think that the Exploring Nutrition program can definitely benefit North Philadelphia for the better and hopefully will do so in the near future.


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